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Over the past 15 years Larry has put together a team of independent designers, engineers, marketing researchers, copywriters and model makers and manufacturing facilities in the US and over seas to provide clients the best solution for each individual project.


• Industrial Design

• Graphic Design

• Mechanical Design and CAD

• Appearance and Engineering Models and Prototypes

• Product Decoration and Marking

• Plastic Assembly and Part Design

• GUI Design and Screen-flow Management
• Brand and Identity Design/Development

• Packaging Design

• Owners Manuals and Figure Illustration

• Photorealistic Rendering

• Animations and Motion Graphics

• Digital Video Pre/Prod/Post

• Product Photography

Did you know?

Concentric has extensive knowledge in plastic part design and can design parts and assemblies for a vast variety of manufacturing technologies including; injection molding, thermoforming, vacuum forming, RIM molding, Tooless™ folded plastics, and others.  We work with leading manufactures around the globe to develop the right solution for any particular project.


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